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Find this image on  Holmesdale Road, Reigate  and publisher Raphael Tuck and Sons  and year 1970 

Image number 2484
oldreigate.com image number 2484
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Holmesdale Road, Reigate. School and tuck shop. 1970.
Comment 1

Paul Gale from Clevedon posted this comment on Friday 15 June 2012 12:33:00.

I attended Holmesdale Primary School from 1958 to 1964. We used to buy our sweets in "Hester's" sometimes, but actually preferred Dodd's sweetshop further up the road. I think we were all a bit scared of Mrs Hester!

Comment 2

Michael John Thorp from Droebak, Norway posted this comment on Sunday 12 August 2012 11:20:00.

The shop-fronted building between Hester's and the school, No 79 was my home during and after the war. My father was in the Army and was injured during the Dunkerque evacuation and ended up in the East Surrey Hospital. Mother left our house in Camden Town to be with him and later moved the family to Reigate. This must have been 1943. Subsequently my brother Jim and I were evacuated to Somerset from Holmesdale Road School.

Comment 3

Barbara Tucker from steyning posted this comment on Saturday 11 May 2013 08:45:00.

I attended Holmesdale School until 1946 and can remember going into Mrs Hester's shop to buy wafer biscuits, twelve for a penny, as sweets were practically unobtainable. Opposite the school there was a greengrocer and we would go in there and buy a carrot. There was a knife on the counter so we were able to scrape the carrot and eat it on our way home. Happy days!

Comment 4

Rob Catt from Redhill posted this comment on Thursday 16 May 2013 17:32:00.

I lived in an old house in Wray Park Road where the back gate led onto Warren Road with a short walk down Marks Street to Hester's. Mrs Hester was a lovely lady, always wore an apron, and had lots of time for a scruffy little boy. I loved her jars of sweets especially blackjacks at 4 for a penny. 1952 to 1958 at Holmesdale School - fun days.

Comment 5

jan catt from Tucson, Arizona posted this comment on Thursday 29 August 2013 23:08:00.

And what about the yellow sherbert and the gobstoppers...?

Remember the shop being packed, but I don't recall any pushing and shoving. She controlled us well We moved from Wray Park Road to 103A Holmesdale Road in the early 50's

I attended Holmesdale School from 1950?-1954

Comment 6

Roger Campbell from Bourne, Lincs posted this comment on Thursday 26 December 2013 14:11:00.

I remember Mrs Hester with great affection, she always gave you a little extra in the bag. Attended Holmesdale road school 1954 to 1960. My older brother Barry said when ever there was an air raid Mrs Hester was always last to the shelter and always came with sweets for the children. I remember Rob Catt and I am sure that Jan Catt was a good friend of my sister, Valerie ( Sally ) Campbell.

Comment 7

Linda Holloway (nee Middleton from Cullompton posted this comment on Tuesday 28 January 2014 13:52:00.

Lovely to see a picture of Holmesdale School and Hesters. I have clear memories of Mrs Hester's apron. Also recall rushing in there on hot summer days to see if she had any frozen jubblys left........ or was that at Dodd's?

We moved to Reigate in 1962 and I moved on to Bishop Simpson's in 1963, but remember several other poster's names. I was Linda Middleton then. Also remember my class teacher Mr Yates and the overwhelming smell of smoke and his yellow fingers! My school report from him includes a very smudgy black thumb mark!

I have been looking for an online place to post some photos of Bishop Simpson School 6th form in 1969/70 but cannot locate a website or alumni page. Any advice gladly received!

Comment 8

Julia Hanley nee Dawes from Redhill posted this comment on Thursday 17 September 2015 18:54:00.

I too remember Hester's sweet shop and I was in the same class as Paul Gale (comment 1 above). What a lovely trip down memory lane.

Comment 9

Ian Robertson from Accrington posted this comment on Thursday 13 October 2016 17:58:00.

I was a pupil at Holmesdale Road School from 1950. I remember Miss Herbert and Miss Duncalf. Yes the sweet shop at Miss Hester's is a memory and Blackwood Nursery opposite. Anyone remember me? I lived in Rushworth Road and enjoyed time at school much, especially yearly Carnaval. Text me on 07833099457

Comment 10

John Nicholson from Norwich UK posted this comment on Monday 24 October 2016 11:31:00.

I went to school at Reigate Grammar in the late fifties, catching a bus from Charlwood to Harley, a train to Redhill, another to Reigate and finally walked along Holmesdale Road in the direction of the school. I remember a shop there that sold home-made ice lollies for an old penny, bliss on a hot day walking back down the road to catch the train home. I remember Jan Catt too, an exceptional athlete especially in the long jump, and her Mum and Dad, a lovely warm-hearted couple from Wales.

Comment 11

Ruth cornwell from Bideford posted this comment on Tuesday 06 June 2017 17:46:14.

I remember the home made 1p lollys looked orange but mostly water, perfect for a hot summer day and after swimming at Reigate swimming baths.also lovely cheese buns which were delicious never seem to get any that taste the same since Those far off days.

Comment 12

Tessa Colman from Ashford posted this comment on Saturday 10 March 2018 17:50:40.

I was at Holmesdale School from c1961 - 1969, ending up in Mr Chitty's class. Ken Turrell you were in my class! Fond memories of Mrs Hester's and I remember walking to the old dinner hall and all the teachers mentioned above, especially Mr Yeats' yellow fingers! He taught us how to sharpen pencils with a blade, and Mrs Ward taught us needlework. I was a bit scared of Miss Newton, also of Miss Kennet ('talk to yourself Miss Kennet' she would say). My mum Mrs Colman taught French. I remember Mr Price well, his middle name was Israel, he drove a white Jaguar and he was instrumental in converting the playground shelter into a television studio. I remember Miss Hughes too, very glam and Welsh like Mr Price, but she left very suddenly....

Comment 13

tony colman from West norwood posted this comment on Sunday 11 March 2018 21:36:40.

I was at holmesdale 1965 - 1968 and remember Mrs Hester’s very well. Used to love buying the sweet cigarettes and coconut tobacco (what was it called?) didn’t turn me into a smoker! I loved Mr Price’s tv studio, clear memories of having to ‘stand under the clock’ as punishment and most of the teachers were nice or funny - a bit scared of Mrs Ianga and Mrs McCady (anyone else remember the song we made up about her?) and yes I’m Tessa’s brother. Was very sad to leave, I was so happy there.

Comment 14

Rosemary Harris from bournemouth posted this comment on Friday 13 April 2018 19:18:11.

Lots of memories flooding back! Remember the sweets and also the lovely greasy chips wrapped in newspaper from the fish and chip shop-just the thing after a swim in the indoor pool that is no more. Anyone remember the freezing cold outdoor pool we used to use in Alma Road? I recollect the name Paul Gale and of course Julie Dawes who I went on to Purley Grammar with. I got into trouble and had to sit outside Mr Price's office feeling humiliated waiting for a wrap on the knuckles with a ruler but he was friends with my parents as he lived a couple of doors away from us and I got a telling instead!

Comment 15

Colin Ashton from Steyning, West Sussex posted this comment on Monday 18 May 2020 22:31:14.

I attended Holmedale School from 1943 to 1950, the junior clHead Mistress was Mrs White and another teacher was Miss Henderson, remember during Air Raids we had an Air Raid Shelter below the playground and our dailly 3rd of pint milk. We payed British Bulldog, cigarette cards and marbles in the playground. The senior school ahead Teacher was Mr Bull, known as leggy Bull. At mrs Heslers sweet shop we bought lemonade and chocolate powder at 1d for 2 oz.

Comment 16

Anthony (Tony) Twyman from Clacton posted this comment on Wednesday 28 October 2020 08:58:27.

So interesting to read the comments. I lived in the next flat to Rob and Jan Catt. Mr Yeats (Eddie) was my Godfather and was in the Home Guard with my Dad. At School I remember Miss Francis, Miss Herbert (who had a moustache and always wore Tweed), Mr Wilson whom I hated and pulled my hair. We always had a Film at Christmas and I remember one year it was 'The Dragon of Pendragon Castle' and the Christmas Party with the Jelly having a thick skin on the top. I also helped my Brother Geoffrey carry the milk crates upstairs. Too many memories to mention here like making a slide on the icy playground; the St. George's Day Celebrations, and the Dinky Toy Racing Cars across the Playground. Looking back, what carefree days they were.

Comment 17

tony colman from West Norwood posted this comment on Sunday 01 November 2020 15:13:53.

I think it’s safe to say Miss Hester was a certified Legend and has had a good impact on all our lives, as did most of the staff. I do also remember the ‘fruitiness’ between Mr Price and Miss Hughes. And once I got sent to Mr Price’s office for being cheeky and instead of the ruler I got a mild telling off and then he gave me a lift to the games field in Alma Rd so I would be late - I was so proud being driven past my classmates walking in a line! I can remember the luxury leather smell of his car to this day.

This image was uploaded on Wednesday 21 October 2009 12:52:46.

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