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Find this image on  Sandlands Grove, Walton-on-the-Hill  and year 1948 

Image number 4970
oldreigate.com image number 4970
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St. Cross School, Walton-on-the-Hill.
Used to be a boys school. Has been a Police training centre since 1948.
Comment 1

Peter Anthony WELSFORD from Pangbourne, BERKS posted this comment on Monday 02 January 2012 19:47:00.

Hello ~ Yes, I was there at the start of the last war ~ WC Drake was the Head (he had been gassed in WWI) with Wood, CC Dickson, saunders, Farmiloe etc. What has happened to: Hutchison, Cooper, Thomson, Emsden, Walsh, Hodge, Hatfield, Halfhide (2), Shepherd, etc? Why not start an Old Boy's Club? When did it shut down ~ what happed to Judith & Edward Drake? PW

Comment 2

Edward Drake from Ealing posted this comment on Monday 16 July 2012 14:01:00.

How lovely to see this picture, in reply to Peter Welsford my father Wc Drake was not in the war having been, entering Sandhurst in approx1918. He died in 1954. Sadly Judy passed away in 1989, and Irene Drake, my mother died 1991. I am still alive and kicking!

Comment 3

peter anthony welsford from Pangbourne, Berks posted this comment on Sunday 05 August 2012 15:43:00.

Hello Edward! Remember it all so well!You must have been about 10 years younger than me! Your father was so impressive ~ firm but kind. My father died when I was 1 and I had no brothers or sisters so, he was like a father figure. Everything I learnt from him has stuck in my mind! Come down to Pangbourne for lunch one day? Want to know what you are doing. Am a researcher and writer into the science of phenomena, parapsychology,quantum mechanics and super strings. No other responses from the old boys!! Where are they?! PW

Comment 4

Edward F C Drake from Ealing posted this comment on Tuesday 21 August 2012 14:35:00.

Dear Peter

I did write a longish letter to you a few weeks ago. I tried to find your address but found you were x-directory (as I am). Nevertheless I did post it with your name care of Pangbourne post office but it would appear the postmaster was unable to trace you which is rather surprising. Has it yet arrived?

Comment 5

Viv Head from Cardiff posted this comment on Sunday 11 August 2013 17:47:00.

St Cross School was taken over by the British Transport Police (BTP)as a national training school in 1946 and used more or less continuously until 2011 when it was closed. The building has been stripped ready for demolition and may indeed have now been demolished. The site is being redeveloped for residential purposes. Viv Head (BTP History Group)

Comment 6

Peter Welsford from pangbourne posted this comment on Thursday 31 March 2016 12:52:00.

Edward Drake ~ have just got back to your comment! So sorry to say your letter never arrived!

If you get this do please resend your message to me at my e-mail address which is (email address removed by oldreigate) ~ and I will send you my address if you still need it. Would be good to hear rom you again.

Comment 7

Peter Anthony Welsford from Pangbourne posted this comment on Saturday 28 November 2020 17:07:26.

Hello again Edward Drake, have reposted my e-mail address for you so you can repost your letter! Yesterday had my 95th birthday so family were here not including a great great grandson, Bernard not yet 1! Soldiering on you might say ~ have very clear memories of your father’s brilliant prep school. I was called up for the Infantry and became a signals officer in the East Surrey’s. Later became a Chartered Accountant and built up a practice which we sold, retaining a few directorships. Best, Peter

This image was uploaded on Saturday 05 December 2009 14:28:57.

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