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Find this image on  Wonham Lane, Betchworth  and year 1906 

Image number 5875
oldreigate.com image number 5875
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Wonham Manor. 1906.
Comment 1

Sandra Arthurs (nee Wonham) from Kamloops, BC Canada posted this comment on Wednesday 06 January 2010 04:16:00.

This was in my Dad's family at some point in time - not sure of when but was there in Aug 2008 but only at the gate. Unfortunately, we could not get into the grounds. Would have been fab if we could have!!

Comment 2

Gemma knight from Bexley posted this comment on Friday 14 October 2011 14:21:00.

My father in father - law's mother grew up here as daughter of the housekeeper and gardener and he often visited in his childhood in the 1930's. I would love to be able to take him back to visit so if anyone knows how that would be great!

Comment 3

Peter Tucker from Reigate posted this comment on Wednesday 19 October 2011 16:06:00.

@ Sandra Arthurs: if this British history website (www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=42950) is reliable, the Wonham family appear to have owned Wonham Manor only until 1646.

Comment 4

Ashley Wonham from Camden, NSW, Australia posted this comment on Monday 06 February 2012 00:31:00.

I am also a Wonham. we dont know much about our history but I would love to know more... Rumor through the family is that the Wonhams lost the Manor due to gambling debts?

I have always wanted to go and see Wonham Manor... Maybe one day :-)

Comment 5

Linda Peirce from Bexhill-on-Sea posted this comment on Wednesday 25 April 2012 04:00:00.

My mother was born and grew up here in the 1930's. Her father was chauffeur and they lived in a cottage in the grounds. She told me many tails of life there.

Comment 6

Linda Hudson from Bournemouth posted this comment on Tuesday 01 January 2013 06:47:00.

I was the housekeeper and my husband was the chef from 1976-1980, we lived in a cottage in the grounds, ''wilkie'' was the butler and we worked for Mr De-Lazlo and Lady Sharples.

Comment 7

Susan Wright from Golden, B.C. Canada posted this comment on Friday 01 March 2013 18:04:00.

Gemma Knight or Linda Peirce from comments #2 and 5. Please contact me at Box 527, Golden, B.C. V0A 1H0. I'm fairly sure we have the same ancestors. Would love to verify.

Comment 8

Leslie george Burgess from Deal,Kent,Ct14 6Bu posted this comment on Wednesday 22 January 2014 04:21:00.

My uncle was the Edward Wilkie The Butler at wonham Manor in the Mid Sixties up till he retired i think in the 1980 Approx,as a Boy I spent many School Holidays there along with My Sister Heather Burgess,we stay with My Uncle Edward Wilkie and Ethal Wilkie(Maiden Name :Burgess) in the Butlers Cottage,I remember Mr& Mrs De-Lazlo Very well there son,they had 3 Daughter's the Youngest being Charman De-lazlo, she had a pony called sailor, the Actor Oliver Read would come to stay sometimes, and my uncle Wilkie recovered him from the swimming pool a few time,after Mr Read had drake to much of the De-Lazlo's whisky,Princess Ann would come to stay and to go Horse Riding with the De-lazlo Girls,I can remember Mr Mac the Chef,and Mr Buzzbie the Gardener he had a wife and 3 boys 1 Daughter,they lived in the Cottage at the top of the main Drive way, I play in the Gardens with the Buzzbie Boy my sister Heather would Hang around the stables to get a ride on the Horse, she still Rides to this Day ,Thanks to the Free riding Lesson from the De-Lazlo Family I Learned to Swim in the De-Lazlo's Swimming pool,when they where away from the house,Very Happy Times, I would like to say thank you to the De-Lazlo Family for the kind way they treated my Uncle "Wilkie the Butler"

Comment 9

Jason Hughes from betchworth posted this comment on Monday 24 March 2014 22:38:00.

I have been at Wonham Manor now for 11 years.

Comment 10

Robbie Wilson from Reigate posted this comment on Wednesday 17 September 2014 11:59:00.

FAO Jason Hughes: Jason, I hope you don't mind me contacting you via here, but I was hoping to get in touch regarding information about the Wonham Estate, and therefore wondered if you would kindly contact me please? Many thanks.

Comment 11

jason hughes from Betchworth posted this comment on Tuesday 01 March 2016 15:51:00.

Your welcome to call or email me

(phone number removed by oldreigate)

Comment 12

jason hughes from betchworth posted this comment on Saturday 19 November 2016 20:54:00.

You are welcome to come and visit at anytime. Just ring the bell on the Gates

Best wishes

Jason Hughes

Comment 13

Stephen dewar from Reigate posted this comment on Tuesday 13 December 2016 09:33:00.

Hi there Jason,

I was wondering if you might be able to advise what's happening in the grounds at the moment? Thanks!

Comment 14

Mark Simmons from Croydon posted this comment on Thursday 26 January 2017 10:35:00.

My maternal grandmother was a Wonham and I am doing history into the family and wondered if anyone can give me any details of the history of the Manor, Mill and Lane

Comment 15

Ken Dason from Burton on Trent posted this comment on Friday 11 August 2017 10:57:56.

After reading the comments posted. Comment 8 Lesley makes reference to my uncle Arthur Busby, the gardener. As a small boy, our family spent time during one summer (late 60's?)at the gate house for our holiday. From a northern industrial town (Scunthorpe) days spent in the country, exploring the woods and riding in the grass box on the tractor was heavenly. If business takes me in that direction, I would love to have a look at the place again after all these years.

Comment 16

Georgia Fitzgerald from reigate posted this comment on Sunday 26 November 2017 15:56:10.

Hello Comment 9 - Jason Hughes, are you still living there? If so I am a photographer and I am doing a project on ancient places of beauty would you let me know if your interested in letting me come visit one day. I live in reigate :) Georgia

Comment 17

jacqueline skinner from weymouth posted this comment on Friday 20 April 2018 21:22:05.

My grandparents lived in the gate house in the late 70s. Grandma being the housekeeper and grandad the gardener. As mentioned previously, i too swam in the pool, road my pony which was kept in the paddock next to the walled garden and walked across the stepping stones on the lake. I would wake up in the bedroom at the back of the bungalow with the horses looking threw the window. Does anyone remember the tortoise who used to pop up all around the garden? I believe my grandparents move when the De-Lazlo's moved on. I also remember 'wilkie' and Mr Mac but more by name than face as i was very young and enjoying the freedom of being an imaginary princess that the De-Lazlo's and this beautiful property allowed me to be. Such memories are priceless!!!

Comment 18

Alexandra Wolfenden from Manchester posted this comment on Saturday 16 June 2018 08:54:57.

Hi, would love to know if anyone followed Jason Hughes invitation and visited the Manor. Do we know if anyone resides there currently? Would love to visit, the history is fascinating. Alex

Comment 19

jason hughes from Wonham Manor posted this comment on Saturday 14 July 2018 21:34:33.

I have lived at Wonham Manor now for 16 years with my Wife and three boy's. You are more that welcome to pop round for Tea or coffee and walk around the grounds. View the Manor. Great to hear the stories above. Just write a letter to Wonham Manor, Betchworth, Surrey RH3 7AD with your details and I will ring / email you back.

Comment 20

Linda Herbert from Perth Australia posted this comment on Thursday 06 September 2018 05:55:01.

So good to read all of these comments. My father was a gardner and my mother one of the house keepers, approximately 1965. We lived in one of the Gardners Cottages on Wonham Lane. My father was Ronnie Skelton and my mum Isabella (Bella) I used to play with Charmian when she was home and the Busby children, I was very friendly with their daughter but sadly I can't remember her name. We rode to Redhill on our bikes one day and couldn't get back so Mr Busby had to come and collect us..I so remember Mr Mac and Wilkie, Mr Mac used to take my mum to Reigate to do her food shopping as we didn't own a car, they were all such lovely people. Sadly we were only there for approximately 1 year, we then moved onto Hadley Woods, Herts. My sister Margaret used to work in London with Damon De Lazlo. I was told the house had been demolished many years ago so it's good to hear it's still there and lived in. On my next visit to the UK I would love to visit the area, it's such a beautiful place.

Comment 21

David Laidlaw from Betchworth posted this comment on Sunday 11 November 2018 19:39:32.

Hi to anyone who lived in the Manor. I live opposite in Wonham Hill Cottage, built as service accommodation for 'Wonham Hill'. I'm trying to get a list of inhabitants of Wonham Hill Cottage since it was built c.1910. Any leads/info would be gratefully received.

Comment 22

jason hughes from wonham manor posted this comment on Sunday 11 November 2018 20:26:06.

will check my records tomorrow. Have paperwork going back to 1565 when wonham manor was built.

Comment 23

mark hancock from wallington posted this comment on Thursday 06 December 2018 17:35:37.

Hi i have cycled passed Wonham manor with my cycling club Anerley bc many times from about 1989 often wondered who lived there,how many deer are in the park,what the history of the place is.

Comment 24

Sophie Molk from Reigate posted this comment on Wednesday 22 April 2020 20:22:54.

This is so lovely to read, such a beautiful house with so much history.. great that you can all share stories and hopefully find some more information! It’s truest great how much information you can find now days and family history is especially important, so very nice to hear 😊 We walk past Wonham Manor to see the deer so often, they put such a smile on my face, especially at this difficult time! Would love to know how long they have been there? How many are there? They all look so happy, playing together and with the rabbits πŸ‡

Comment 25

Helen Hooper from Darftford posted this comment on Thursday 15 October 2020 08:10:55.

I am a decendant of the Stable Familly who lived here in the late 18th early 19th century before moving to Moore Place. We have traced family back to the 15th century and the Munro;s in Scotland. We believe that Dorothy Stable was gifted the house by her father but not sure if he lived here. There is a plaque in the church. We would love to visit and learn anymore about the history and maybe meet any more familly members. Some familly paintings are in the National Portrait Gallary and there is a print of Dorothy with her daughters available. There son Edward was in the Coldstream Guards and was killed at the battle of Waterloo where there is a monument to him.

Comment 26

jason hughes from betchworth posted this comment on Tuesday 08 December 2020 16:05:38.

Sophie Molk the deer have been here from 1991. We have 280 Deer at the moment. They are Fallow Deer.

Comment 27

Jo Mole from Reigate posted this comment on Friday 22 January 2021 16:22:01.

My husband lived in Betchworth during the war. He says there were deer in the park then. Do you ever open for visits Jason?

Comment 28

jason hughes from betchworth posted this comment on Thursday 04 February 2021 19:53:19.

All you have to do is ring the bell on the gates. We put deer back in the park in 1992. During the WW2 the Canadian Army occupied the Manor. Lets get over the pandemic we are in first. How old is your Husband?

Comment 29

Jo Mole from Reigate posted this comment on Sunday 07 February 2021 22:51:21.

Thank you. He's 83. He was only in Betchworth from about 1940 until 1945. His father was the baker for the village.

Comment 30

Walter White from Albuquerque, New Mexico posted this comment on Tuesday 06 September 2022 13:49:31.

I remember being in Betwchworth in 1987 and have cycled passed wonham manor many a time since im 52 now and have moved to the USA. IM COMING 2027, SEE YOU SOON ;) !! http://www.savewalterwhite.com/

Comment 31

Linda Hudson Hudson from BOURNEMOUTH posted this comment on Sunday 16 October 2022 10:52:50.

Jason Hughes, I stated a while ago now that my husband and myself both worked at Wonham Manor in the late 70s (him as the chef and me as the housekeeper) and I was wondering if it would be possible if I could visit the manor with my daughter (who was a young child whilst we worked there).

Comment 32

Linda Hudson from BOURNEMOUTH posted this comment on Thursday 20 October 2022 10:42:50.

Jason Hughes would it be possible to have a contact number or e-mail address so I can contact you to arrange a visit as I live in Bournemouth and I do not want to risk travelling from Bournemouth if there is no-one there. Many thanks.

This image was uploaded on Sunday 25 January 2009 20:46:14.

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