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Woodhatch House, Reigate. Circa 1910.
Comment 1

David Woodhead from Sutton Coldfield posted this comment on Wednesday 05 December 2012 09:40:00.

I assume that this was the house of the Haywoods in the period 1870-1910. Mr Haywood was a timber merchant and a well-respected amateur rose-grower. His daughter, Margaret (1880-1965), married Alfred Fripp in 1898, won a medal for service in the Boer War, and became Lady Fripp when he was knighted by Edward VII in 1904.

Comment 2

ian watkins from broadstairs posted this comment on Monday 24 February 2014 23:28:00.

My grandad was the chauffeur for mr R P Evans from about 1912 untill he died. I have a camera and camera stand bought in reigate that used to belong to mr Evans.

Comment 3

Jim Brennan from Inverness posted this comment on Saturday 23 May 2015 16:54:00.

Was there an earlier Woodhatch House? This looks late Victorian. Apparently this had been the address of GW Alexander, a London banker and bill-broker who had been the Treasurer of the British and Foreign Anti-slavery Society from 1840.

Comment 4

Jon Alexander from Paris, France posted this comment on Friday 26 February 2016 14:18:00.

Can anyone clarify if the house portrayed in the 1910 photo here was the home of the Haywoods in 1870-1910, or of George William Alexander (b.1802; d.1890), the London banker and Treasurer of the Anti-Slavery Society? My information is that GWA lived at Woodhatch from 1883 (when he retired) until his death on 24 November 1890.

Comment 5

Adrian Ballisat from Devon posted this comment on Tuesday 01 January 2019 22:34:19.

I lived at 'The Cottage' Crescent Rd until the 1970's. The cottage was semi-detached and we understood they were built as estate cottages for Woodhatch House (which I remember as a small boy). Ours was meant to be the gardeners cottage. I can find some old photos if anyone is interested.

Comment 6

Margaret Tyler from London posted this comment on Wednesday 13 November 2019 12:18:53.

I am also interested to see a picture of Woodhatch House where George William Alexander lived. Is it the one above or another ?

This image was uploaded on Wednesday 27 August 2003 21:33:19.

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