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While a number of history books are available which cover our locality, these books may have a limited cope, partly due to the number of pictures you can physically fit into them.

A website is not restricted in this way, and hence OLDREIGATE.COM was born, to provide a limitless hub of local pictorial data. Users are encouraged to browse the website, as well as to submit images to be added to the archive. If you would like to add your pictures, then please contact us.

OLDREIGATE.COM was started in August 2002. As time goes on, it is hoped that more and more content will be added, so that the website will become increasingly useful and interesting as time passes.

How to use the full OLDREIGATE.COM website

The home page comprises of some links at the left of the window, a search facility at the top of the page, and a map on the right hand side. The total size of the map is rather large so you only see a small portion of the map at a time, and you need to click on the arrows around the edge of the displayed map to navigate around.

Within this map, you'll find "hotspots". That is, areas which are clickable on. When you click on a hotspot, then old pictures of that area will be displayed. The hotspots are detectable because the mouse pointer may change when passing over a hotspot, and when the pointer is hovered over a hotspot, the name of the road or area will be displayed. When you have clicked on a hotspot and the photographs are viewed, use the scroll bar on the right hand side to view all of the pictures to the bottom of the page, and then use the "Back to your previous page" button to return to the map.

You may find it easier to click on what's new, which presents a list of all of the pages on the website, and informs you of when they were last updated.

You can now leave comments for other people to see. Please feel free to use this facility.

Underneath some of the images you will see a link which you can follow to purchase a high quality print of the image from the "Francis Frith Collection".

The mobile OLDREIGATE.COM website

In December 2013 the mobile version of OLDREIGATE.COM was launched. The website should automatically detect that you are using a phone, and switch into this website, although you can toggle between the websites, whatever device you are using.

Unfortunately the maps have been dropped with the mobile site, so you need to use the Google custom search to find content, although you may view the "What's New" page, as well as a list of all of the OLDREIGATE.COM pages in alphabetical order.

OLDREIGATE.COM is not for profit

This website has been created to be a source of historic data, accessible and of interest to townsfolk both past and present. It has not been set up with a profit motive.

There are links within this website where one can purchase prints of photographs on-line. Any sales from using these links will result in a small commission going to OLDREIGATE.COM.

It is our expectation that the annual funds raised from this commission will be minimal, and will be given to charity.


Website Copyright © 2002-2017 Paul Walters.
Ownership of all of the material on this website remains with the respective owners.
No part of the website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or any means,
electronic or manual, without prior permission from the website author.
Please read a statement on copyright here.


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