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This picture was uploaded on
Saturday 23 January 2021 19:58:31."EVER WHILE YOU LIVE,...

This picture was uploaded on
Saturday 23 January 2021 19:54:04.PELLERIN THROWN AT...

This picture was uploaded on
Saturday 23 January 2021 19:50:27.SMASHING THROUGH: Lt....

This picture was uploaded on
Saturday 23 January 2021 19:47:05.A race in which every...

This picture was uploaded on
Saturday 23 January 2021 18:53:03.A big field of runners...

This picture was uploaded on
Saturday 23 January 2021 18:48:10.STEEPLECHASING AT...

This picture was uploaded on
Saturday 23 January 2021 18:45:33.Taking the first Hurdle...

This picture was uploaded on
Saturday 23 January 2021 18:42:43.The field taking a fence...

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Reigate photographers

Wray Park Studio
Edwin Debenham   Alan Richardson   and Charles R. Lenthall

E Holloway  G Holloway  J Beard  Holloway & Beard

Drewett   Dewick   Cheal

The Milton Studio and Harry Snook

Henry Volts   Surrey Photographic Company   Dorien Grey

Redhill photographers

E. Dann & Son

J. Berryman   J. Wilkinson   H.P. Robinson   J.J. Merrett

F. Otto   H. Sanders   Hill and Co.   E. Holder & Sons

Ernest Jenkins   Smith & Co.   Fred'k Geo. Smith

Redhill Photo Co.   Redhill Photo and Framing Co.

Richmond Barnes   Chas Baker   E.G. Warren

Blanche Oetzmann   A. Watson   Frank Wilkins

A. Coulsdon   Bookman   Ballantine Thorp

John S. Hazard   Flint   G. Boorman   Windsor Spice

A.E. Walker   Earlswood Asylum

Galleries - other photographers

G. May    Tom Edwards   A Horner

Donald Ashley Birkinshaw

Galleries - local art

R.A. Ridley  William Tatton-Winter  Cecil Tatton-Winter

Elsie or Elizabeth Attlee   Chas Pyne   George A. Elcock

George Ray Burtenshaw   Alfred Walter Williams   other miscellaneous art


Carnival Parade Pageant and Performances

Miscellaneous stuff below

Local sporting scenes

The locality at war

T.S. Arkroyal      Ships

Aerial pictures of the area

Multiview postcards and novelties

Old maps and documents

Other miscellaneous local pictures

Unknown location local pictures

Harry Snook's pictures of buses

Bus photos - unknown photographer

F. Frith & Co. Ltd.

The building of the M25 locally in 1972

Betchworth Betchworth Castle Brockham Box Hill Dorking

Other pictures off our map

Some pictures of Chaldon

Some stereoviews circa 1860

Horse Racing at Gatwick

The Linnell family 

Some local postal items 


A gallery of 438 pictures taken by a Reigate resident between 1904 and 1945

A gallery of 150 pictures, not local though, evidently from Royal Richmond and Surrey Photographic Society

A gallery of 80 pictures, not local, from a collection of magic lantern slides.

A gallery of 130 pictures, a mixed bag!

A gallery of 76 pictures, mainly churches and cathedrals

32 pictures from the Boer War taken from Stereoviews - Underwood & Underwood

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Helen MacDonald, Ottawa, CANADA on Tuesday 05 January 2021 16:33:49.I remember going to the...

Richard Bowling, Reigate on Tuesday 05 January 2021 13:08:25.I was there from 1957...

Laura Middleton, Reigate on Friday 01 January 2021 14:33:16.We have just purchased...

Frank Hales, Corlette NSW Australia 2325 on Wednesday 30 December 2020 03:20:07.I also attended intial...

Andrew Sharp, Reigate on Tuesday 22 December 2020 21:07:58.We lived at no 49...

Stuart Wilson, Mumbai on Tuesday 15 December 2020 12:33:56.The photo of no 77 shows...

Sally Marshall, Meadvale on Wednesday 09 December 2020 19:08:52.Have seen an old photo...

jason hughes, betchworth on Tuesday 08 December 2020 16:05:38.Sophie Molk the deer...

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