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Clarence Walk
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Ena June Rhoden nee Parmenter from Reno, Nevada, USA posted this comment on Sunday 27 May 2012 01:41:00.

I lived in the semi detached ivy covered house next to the house with two upper windows. My parents, Sam and May Parmenter lived here from 1935 until 1954 when they sold the house and moved into the house my Hockley grandparents had lived in for many years on Somerset Road next to Samuels, the fruit and vegetable shop. I remember looking out of the upstairs bedroom over to Tanner's ground opposite with sheep in the meadow. When we first lived there it was rented for 9 shillings a week from the Gear Family and after the war it was offered to my parents for ?300. The iron railings were removed for the war munitions, and my mother removed the hated ivy sometime.

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