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Hillside School Cricket Team and Beeches Hospital Team. Harry Snook.
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Nick Sadler from Chipping Campden posted this comment on Thursday 09 January 2020 19:05:48.

I was a boarder from Sept 1951, aged 7. Not sure when I left, probably 3 years later. Despite the cruelty of some of the staff, my memories are largely happy ones. My favourite master was Mr Peck who took us for runs on Reigate Hill. I was caned by Mr B in my first term for pillow fighting in the dorm after lights out. This was with Lilleywhite who is the only name I remember. I have the letters I wrote home to my parents which revolve round sport. Dead frogs in the swimming pool was a highlight. Matron was a dragon. We all thought she had a wooden leg. Every morning we had to make our bed using hospital corners. Matron sometimes stripped the bed and I would have to start again. If we were naughty Matron would threaten to report "ze whole school to ze headmaster". A terrible fate which fortunately never happened. We used to listen to " Journey into space" on the wireless.

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