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Find this image on  Linkfield Lane, Redhill  and publisher F. Frith & Co. Ltd. 

Image number 2794
oldreigate.com image number 2794
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Thatch Cottage, Linkfield Lane, Redhill. Unknown date. F. Frith & Co. Ltd.
Comment 1

Serge Boon from Goedereede Netherlands posted this comment on Sunday 25 August 2013 00:55:00.

I lived in Redhill in the late sixties and early seventies (Regent Crescent).I remember passing the cottage on my way to school(Woodside)

I was looking for a picture of the school when i came across this picture.I remember it very well it was much more in dissrepare than on the photo (which must be late 40's or 50's)because I do not recall the roof in the background.I remember the old man that lived in the house.He lived alone and judging by his looks he d?dn't have a housekeeper or anyone else to look after him.He sometimes gave a barly sweet.I never knew his name,but after he passed away the cottage became a ruin.The letter box sparks some memories.My mother asked me to deliver christmas cards to the neighbours.Instead of posting them directly. I put them in the letter box,when I told her they were in the red post office box she was not amused.There were no adresses or stamps on the envelopes.She had to wait in the cold until the postman came to empty the letter box.Later I went to Springvale school across to the road.I moved back to the Netherlands in 1975 and visited in 1986 and was supprised to see how Redhill center had changed.If you have any info or foto's of Woodside school it would be welcome.I only have vivid memories of the old school on Linkfield lane.It was an old Victorian or Edwardian house which was demollised in the seventies to make room for a new estate,

Comment 2

Alan Cross from Newbury posted this comment on Friday 30 August 2013 12:03:00.

My comments are similar to Serge Boom exept I remember it from 1950/-/60 period. My uncle lived and was caretaker of Water Research Offices next door which was Ashmead, 18, Linkfield Road. The cottage did look as above in the early 1950's, sitting on the courner of the then un-madeup Park Road. I remember my uncle talking to the old man who lived there and still have a letter that would have been posted in the mail box shown. By the early 1960's the thatch was preety run down, I heard thst the occupant had died. I seem to remember returning briefly in 1968 by which time the rof had collapsed and 20 years on i think it is now built over with flats. If Serge is still looking, I can help him with photos of what became the school he attended. I am looking for history of that house.

Comment 3

Jill Goulder from Lewes posted this comment on Tuesday 12 June 2018 17:28:01.

I'm responding about Woodside School. My great-aunt Sylvia Lloyd ran the school - I never went there but remember her well; my aunt on the other side of my family, Sylvia Goulder, taught there too. I have a photo of my parents' wedding reception in the grounds of Woodside, but I don't know how to upload a photo within this Comments section. Sylvia Lloyd's sister Violet Lloyd (whom I often stayed with in the 60s-70s) lived at 12 Oxford Rd, backing onto Linkfield Lane, and I think the cottage in the photo was opposite the end of her back garden.

Comment 4

Sue Sheppard from Manchester posted this comment on Sunday 20 October 2019 11:27:18.

Hi, I went to Woodside School 1955-1961. The headmistress was a Mrs Godsiffe but I do remember a Mrs LLoyd too. I think the school was demolished in the 1970s to build a new estate.It was quite a pretty Edwardian building with extensive grounds and a riding school attached.

Comment 5

Jill Goulder from Lewes posted this comment on Sunday 20 October 2019 18:16:58.

Sue Sheppard - very good to hear from you! My lovely great-aunt Miss Sylvia Lloyd was born in 1896 so probably retired from running Woodside (handing over to the new headmistress) just about when you joined; she may well have stayed in Redhill/Reigate for a bit but in due course retired to Kent. I was very young then so I don't recall G-A Sylvia's comings and goings, though certainly used to enjoy visiting her in Kent. Interesting about the riding school, as G-A Sylvia was passionately interested in horses.

Comment 6

Wendy Fraser from Dover posted this comment on Tuesday 30 June 2020 10:34:04.

I have very, very fond memories of Woodside School and Sylvia Lloyd so it was good to find this thread. I was a pupil there in the late 1940s and remember Miss Goulder. I believe she was upstairs in the Nursery and there was a large rocking horse up there. Yes, Sylvia had a riding stable and I was told that during the war years she would go and collect children for school in a pony and trap. It was here that I learnt to ride and when I finally left school I went on to work with horses and teach riding – and I still ride now. Believe it or not I can remember all the names of the ponies at Woodside and the riding instructors! Sylvia also had a Sealyham dog called Chippy. With her sister Violet she arranged what were then known as ‘Sales of Work’ in village halls or similar, where you could buy hand embroidered table linen, knitted and crocheted items along with other handicrafts and home baking, the profits going to charity. I still have some of these items that would have been purchased by my mother and grandmother. Sylvia was very strict but fair, treated us as individuals and taught us according to our ability rather than our age. We were encouraged to read a daily newspaper before coming to school each morning, and I can clearly remember her putting up a map of Korea at the outbreak of that war, which would have been June 1950. We were entered into national handwriting competitions (I think I might have won some certificates!). Sadly my next school was not a good experience – if only I could have stayed at Woodside, I’ll never forget my years there.

Comment 7

Jill Goulder from Lewes posted this comment on Sunday 26 July 2020 12:40:28.

Hello Wendy! I was so pleased to read your post, with its memories of my lovely great-aunt Sylvia Ll and aunt Sylvia G. Yes, Sylvia G eventually went on to start a kindergarten in Hampshire. The rocking-horse was probably 'Beauty', a much-loved creature from my mother's childhood. Sylvia Ll continued to have small dogs all her life; and goodness me, I certainly remember all the sales of work and bazaars - a great part of life with my great-aunt Violet. She and her sister Sylvia Ll were ardent supporters of the Church Missionary Society, and also of St Matthew's Church in Redhill. I would love to hear more from you - and I have a photo or two that you might like.

This image was uploaded on Wednesday 13 January 2010 13:27:35.

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