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Brighton And Back Walk June 21st - 22nd 1907.
Time: 18 hours 13 minutes 37 seconds
Distance: 104 miles
Mr T.E. Hammond passing through Redhill on the return journey after completing 90 miles.
He beat the record by over two hours.
Comment 1

Viola Mary Sheehy(nee Sheppard) from Australia posted this comment on Wednesday 09 December 2009 00:58:00.

Thomas Edgar Hammond was my Grandfather on my mother's side, would it be possible for me to have a copyof the above photo, and any others that you may have of him. I would be extremely grateful.

Comment 2

Tim Erickson from Melbourne, Australia posted this comment on Thursday 10 December 2009 22:11:00.

Hello. I have an extensive biography of T.E. Hammond (see http://www.vrwc.org.au/tim-archive/wo-tommy-hammond.pdf) and would like to add this historic photo (with suitable acknowledgement) to the article to further document my discussion of his wonderful 1907 walk. Is it possible to get a copy for non-profit use?

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