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Women War-Workers on the Land, on a farm near Reigate. Mrs Douglas, the owners wife
is seen ploughing with a new pattern motor-tractor. Only a few minutes introduction sufficed.
March 7th 1917. The Illustrated War News.
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Peter Burgess from Crawley posted this comment on Friday 01 January 2016 15:13:00.

Research in the Surrey Mirror (2nd March 1917) reveals the following information:

The demonstration was on Lawrence?s Farm, Buckland, occupied by Mr. J.C.Douglas. This is an American tractor, a 16 h.p. ?Mogul?. It consumes 2 gallons per hour, of Bowring Empire Vaporising Oil, a grade of kerosene marketed for oil engines. The tractor is only 5ft. high and 56in. wide. The large flywheel maintains momentum in heavy ground. The demonstration was laid on by Mr. G.A.Hodgkins of Wray Park Garage, of Reigate.

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