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oldreigate.com image number 325
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"Eversley", Bell Street, Reigate. Unknown date.
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Anthony Harvey from Oban, Scotland posted this comment on Monday 18 January 2021 16:39:44.

I was amazed & delighted to find your image (325) of the house at (113) Bell Street I grew up in 1969-1980. I reckon 325 is several decades before we were there. When my parents bought & sold this house it was known as 'Belldomus'. I have a detailed good quality b/w photo (paper & electronic) of the same rear view of it in Winter 1969 that I would be pleased to give for display on this website page, so let me know how to go about donating an electronic copy. The next owner (or the one after) split it into 2 houses 113 & 113a- I know the names of the 3 next owners from 1980 - about 2015 when the last people I knew moved away to Haywards Heath area (I no longer know them). In 1980 my Father had sold it (whole house- unsplit) for £79,950 !

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