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Park Lane. Unknown date. Horace G. Pike.
Comment 1

John Taylor from Reigate posted this comment on Friday 27 November 2009 15:35:00.

I believe this photo dates from a very similar shot by Frith, taken in 1906. The shop in the foreground was replaced in 1911 by a fine private house (More Cottage) which still stands today. We believed the shop to have been a bakers, and clinker from an old bread oven was certainly found in the rockery at the rear of the house. However, the sign above the window suggested that it was a pork butcher's at the time of the photo (it is clearer to see in Frith's other view). Equally, the sign above the pillared canopy at the head of Park Lane says "Stoenman". Perhaps that was the monumental masons of similar name who moved into Bell Street to be replaced by these butchers (that shop at the head of Park Lane has been a butchers for many years).

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