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Chalk Farm, Ringley Park Avenue.
Comment 1

Simon Humphreys from Reigate posted this comment on Sunday 02 September 2012 16:25:00.

On the 1871 and 1896 25" series OS maps this is marked as Ringley Park Farm. Then on the 1914 and 1933 maps it's labelled Hightrees Farm. Perhaps Chalk Farm was a local name? It appears to have been built from Reigate Stone, which can look like chalk. But I think you (Paul) referred to a Mr Chalk as the farmer. Was this from a census return?

Comment 2

Jo Ellis from Preston posted this comment on Tuesday 14 January 2014 11:47:00.

The name "Chalk" Farm may have come from the fact that the Chalk family lived there for many years. One daughter and a granddaughter who lived there is still alive although very elderly who could verify the details.

Comment 3

Jo Ellis from Preston posted this comment on Thursday 24 September 2015 20:31:00.

Sadly the last daughter of William Chalk of High Trees Farm has now passed away. Her daughter who lived there as a little girl has found photos of various family members at the farm including a group skating on the pond. I have fond memories of visiting as a child but sadly both my grandparents died before I was born.A large Alsation dog and the geese were always 'on guard' around the yard and the pond - happy days!

Comment 4

Wendy Cross from Murrow, Wisbech posted this comment on Thursday 19 November 2015 16:40:00.

My grandfather and grandmother used to live opposite the farm and I used to go to the pond quite often and be chased back over the road by the geese and am still frightened to this day of geese, such wonderful memories. Mt grandfather was gardener to Maclean's in one of his houses he lived.

Comment 5

Jo Ellis from Preston posted this comment on Wednesday 31 August 2016 11:05:00.

Does Wendy Cross have memories of the 6 daughters of William and May Chalk? They were Eva (Sue), Lavina (Lila), Kitty (Midge), Brenda, Dora and Jean. I am the daughter of Dora and have happy memories of visiting Auntie Sue at the farm. where she lived for many years after the death of my grandparents. I also remember Auntie Ada (Simmons) who lived in the cottage in the yard. The haulage business set up there by my grandfather continued to be run by the Simmons brothers and some of the Chalk sisters until the early 1970's.

Comment 6

Wendy Cross from Murrow, Wisbech posted this comment on Wednesday 31 August 2016 14:26:00.

I am sorry I do not remember the family who lived there as I was only eight when my Grandmother passed away in the house opposite and my Grandfather moved to live with my Mother and I away from that close area. The pond was divided from the house by a row of buildings and I used to keep away from the house area as I was not supposed to be there at all!!! I used to go and feed the ducks, but as I mentioned earlier used to get chased by the geese. Vivid memories of that time.

Comment 7

M. Hennessy from Reigate posted this comment on Monday 03 April 2017 18:08:00.

Does anyone have information on the history of Ringley Park House, 59 Reigate Road?

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