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SAMUELS that was at 72 Somerset Road 1921.
Mrs Samuels and sons Jack and George?
Comment 1

ross o'neill from redhill posted this comment on Sunday 14 February 2010 00:01:00.

I had the pleasure of knowing both of the samuel brothers and there parners up untill there passing on and then there partnerns moving out of there joint houses on somerset road i still have some of there book keeping reports from the shop if its of any use to you

Comment 2

Denise Joyles from Meadvale posted this comment on Friday 26 February 2010 23:44:00.

I would love any info about this house and it's history as my huband,myself and 2 children now live here and we love it's charm and character. I would be very interested in looking at the book keeping reports from Jack and George too.

Comment 3

Simon Chandler from Meadvale posted this comment on Sunday 21 November 2010 11:35:00.

Hi, I currently live in Copse Road but my 'Gramps' was George and my Uncle was Jack. My Grandma, Stephanie is still well and strong and now lives in a flat in Redhill. Indeed my Grandma lived next to Auntie Ida in their adjoining houses in Somerset Road but found it too much to stay in the house they had lived in for so long after Gramps passed away. Gramps and Uncle Jack used to drive up to Borough market and collect the vegetables for the grocery store and I have great 'if vague' memories of being in the shop when I was very young... I am sure if you wanted more information or history on your house my mum or my Grandma would be pleased to help.

Kind regards

Simon Chandler

Comment 4

lucas young from Horley posted this comment on Monday 11 January 2016 13:24:00.

HI Simon, much of my family, multiple generations are from Meadvale (Clarence Walk/Arbutus Rd).

I am researching my family tree. Do you think you might be able to ask any of your relatives if they remember any of the Young family?

(Bill Young / Ernie Young / William Young / John Theobald Young)

Warm regards

Lucas Young (Horley)

Comment 5

Simon Chandler from Was Meadvale, now Leigh posted this comment on Tuesday 30 August 2016 08:07:00.

hi Lucas. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I can certainly ask. My Grandma is still going strong but her memory is sadly not great any more (she is 94 though!). I will ask my mum and her sister, who were brought up in Somerset Road and spend much of their childhood either working in the greengrocers or my grandmas shop next door.

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