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Image number 5769
oldreigate.com image number 5769
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The Warwick Arms. Originally "The Spotted Cow". Pulled down to make way for the M25.
Comment 1

Peter Lucas from South Nutfield posted this comment on Tuesday 20 September 2011 10:53:00.


I was talking to a friend who has lived in the area since the 50s, and he mentioned that he used to frequent a lovely pub run by an old army officer (WW1) and his wife (British Intelligence, spoke 9 laguages etc). He described the location and I realised that I drive down Warwick Wold Road every day and wouldn't have dreamed that a pub once stood on the left as you cross the M25.

Are there any other photos / recollections of this pub?



Comment 2

Stephen Barnes from Newton Abbot posted this comment on Monday 13 February 2012 18:51:00.

I remember this pub as late as the early 70s when I went there with a friend who now lives in Lingfield.Also the devastation to the area when the M25 was built - I was a teenage objector!

Stephen Barnes, now living in Devon

Comment 3

Ken Ball from Merstham posted this comment on Saturday 19 January 2013 16:51:00.

My mates and I used to walk to this pub for our illicit drinking sessions aged 16/17. Lovely people. We used to play darts quite often but invariably hit the metal light shade that surronded the light illuminating the dartboard.

Comment 4

Nicola Burrows from reigate posted this comment on Sunday 10 February 2013 16:40:00.

I bought a framed photo of The Spotted Cow pub at a boot sale. The boy in the pic (looks about 13) is apparently James Meadows. There is a man of about 60 with him. Another sign on the building is "Mellersh&Neale Ltd, Reigate Ales, Stout and Porter"

Comment 5

Joseph Starbuck from Ayrshire posted this comment on Sunday 31 March 2013 17:28:00.

Parents often visited, taking myself, siblings and odd friends along in the late 50's/early 60's. We kids used to delight in feeding the ponies kept in a field beside the pub whose names were something like Penny and Tuppence.

Comment 6

Dorothy Ovenden from East Grinstead posted this comment on Tuesday 10 September 2013 13:07:00.

My great-great grandparents, William and Eliza Packham, kept this pub during the last decades of the 19th Century.

Comment 7

Gordon Coombs from Guildford, Surrey posted this comment on Friday 14 February 2014 06:26:00.

I am afraid that I was one of the early staff on site just before the M25 started. I worked for the site laboratory which was temporarily set up in the nearby wooden army billets, that housed the Tristan Da Cunha evacuees in the 60's.We then moved to site offices in Rockshaw Road. Loved the area, steeped in history. Used to go for walks up the winding hill to the above pub that was sadly boarded up. Unfortunately I have no photo's.I was around 26 then and now I am back working on the M25 Clackets improvement scheme at the ripe age of 68. Just returned from night shift.What went wrong with my youthful ambitions.

Comment 8

Piers Evans from Caterham posted this comment on Thursday 28 August 2014 14:42:00.

I was born in Hilltop Lane, Chaldon, and my parents were "regulars" in "The Cow", as it was always referred to, from when they moved to Chaldon just after WW2. I followed on, keenly, as a teenager and was present on the last day, 28/02/72. The pub was drunk dry! The M25 contract started 2 days later, after the "leap day" and the first thing that went wrong was an electricity cable was ripped up cutting off the supply!

Molly Ford was the last licencee, ably assisted by her husband John. Molly took over from her mother, Kathleen Reilly. The old lady had a "wonky" eye and she could sit in her corner and you never knew if she was watching you or somebody else!

Chaldon Cricket Club members were ardent "supporters" and many an evening was spent playing darts, not always as well as we intended, whilst drinking the indifferent Ind Coope and Friary Meux ales.

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be!

Comment 9

Sandra Vigar from Wickham posted this comment on Friday 13 July 2018 12:49:06.

My husband's Great Grandfather, Joshua Marchant, was listed as Licensed Victualler, Spotted Cow, Bletchingley on the 1881 Census. His (second) wife was Sarah and they had five children. Would be interested if anyone has any more information on this family! Many thanks..

Comment 10

sherrie dixon from plymouth posted this comment on Sunday 09 September 2018 22:33:09.

I used to live about a half a mile from here. The landlords daughter was my best friend at school. The landlord and landlady at that time were the Fords. I spent a lot of time here (obviously not as a patron) the year was 1969. We moved on due to the construction of the M25

Comment 11

Julia Richens from Reigate posted this comment on Thursday 21 March 2019 15:59:38.

Our family was the last at The Warwick Arms. I am the eldest daughter of John & Molly Ford. It is nice to see nice comments about the pub and my parents and grandmother. I can remember collecting horse dung from the orchard and selling it to the customers, also we would pick blackberries and sell them too. My parents are no longer with us. One of my old school friend had sent me some photos of the old pub she had found on line so I thought I would try to find some and found this.

Comment 12

Moira Palmer from Bodmin posted this comment on Friday 03 September 2021 00:15:00.

I used to go there often as a teenager. 1971, I had my own glass, and one night I told Molly it was my birthday and she asked how old was and I said 18. I had been going there for about two years, I cannot possibly say what she called me.

Comment 13

Kelan Cox from Taunton posted this comment on Sunday 16 January 2022 16:21:15.

Molly and john where my great grandparents.

Comment 14

gillian Berry from Taunton posted this comment on Sunday 16 January 2022 18:11:59.

I am the youngest daughter of Molly and John Ford and remember Piers Evans! OMG what a blast from the past. I got to this site via my grandson! who is coming up 14 how the years go!!!

This image was uploaded on Sunday 26 September 2010 09:23:58.

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