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Children's V.E. Street Party.
Not a good image, but has many identifiable faces there - including
the Salford's Church Vicar of the time Rev.E.A. Metcalfe (with his
arm in a sling!). I am there in the middle if you know where to look!
Later I was a choir boy at the little church for a couple of years;
Choir master a Mr Razzle (?) from the music shop in Station Road Redhill.

Others in the picture I can remember names for are :Brenda Burrows, Wendy
Cummins,Noel Brampton, Graham Jay,Peter & Neill Bartlett, The Blow family,
'Kath' from No.25 Woodside Way, The Cooper family from No.23 W/Way, Mary
Graves from the lower part of W/Way - her father ran 'Graves Coaches' from
Redhill. - and so it goes on!! Where are they now??

With thanks to Keith Fuller.
Comment 1

Keith Fuller from Harrogate,N.Yorkshire. posted this comment on Sunday 28 December 2014 11:56:00.

Just a reminder that all those in the above snap (apart from the Vicar) lived in the 1945 version of 'Woodside Way'. I lived at No.24.

Comment 2

Cell Past from England posted this comment on Friday 12 February 2016 21:36:00.

Hi Keith, I have family that also lived on Woodside Way in 1945 so I was hoping I could get your contact email so I could ask if you might remember them or even if they are in that photo. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

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