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South view of Reigate Castle otherwise called Holmesdale Castle. 1785. James Basire.
Comment 1

Christine Ann Iqbal from Totana, Spain posted this comment on Sunday 06 December 2009 23:40:00.

Reigate was my childhood home and I have always loved Reigate Castle and all the historical buildings in Reigate. I was a pupil at Reigate Priory and attended St Mary's Church. I really enjoy viewing your website and seeing the familiar sights of the castle.

Comment 2

Sarah Williams from Bendigo, Australia posted this comment on Saturday 19 June 2010 13:40:00.

My parents are currently visiting Reigate, as I believe the Coulstock family has it's origins there. I was interested to look at your website for further information. Thank you!

Comment 3

Moira Lamond Freimond from Johannesburg, South Africa posted this comment on Sunday 22 May 2011 07:41:00.

Whilst tracing my husband's family tree we have discovered that his great-great grandfather, George Crutchfield was a gardener at Reigate Castle and lived in the grounds with his family circa 1870/1880.

Thank you for a great site.

Comment 4

Stephen G. Knight from Ogden, Utah, USA posted this comment on Monday 27 January 2014 21:59:00.

My 14th Great grandmother's family stems from William de Warrene.

I would like to have this picture of Reigate Castle. Thank you very much

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