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Evanthius, owned by Richard P. Evans of Woodhatch Stud.
Comment 1

Bob Post from Austin Texas posted this comment on Sunday 10 April 2011 13:10:00.

I grew up in South Park but there was certainly never a railway at Woodhatch, The bakery, Prices, was indeed a distribution centre, the bread being actually baked at Thornton Heath,I think Roger, you may be confused with the Dairy (Jersey Dairies) later Home Counties Dairies then after that Unigate, was in Warren Road,which was North of Reigate Station,there was a Dairy Shop (Jersey Dairies) next to the Chemists (Townsends) on the parade of shops next to the Prices bakery; it is currently an Indian restaurant.

Comment 2

Pete Ticehurst from South Croydon posted this comment on Wednesday 15 August 2012 21:44:00.

I can confirm that all the details that Roger has post is correct. I too was one of the youngsters that lived in Vogan Close and used the grounds of Woodhatch House as a playground, along with all the other children in the road at the time. As a youngster, I "Captained" a home made raft that we kids paddled across the lake and under the bridge mentioned. Wonderful memories.

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