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Chilmead Farm. September 1931. With thanks to Margaret Murrell.
Mr Arnold and Mr Love who were farm workers and lived in the farm cottages adjacent to the farm. RH side coming down Cormongers Lane.
Comment 1

David Watson from Nutfield posted this comment on Saturday 05 December 2009 16:00:00.

I think this might be my house!

Comment 2

Louise Hobson from Farnborough posted this comment on Wednesday 08 February 2012 09:47:00.

My Nan lived at Chilmead on Cormongers Lane. Her father was Mr Arnold pictured above.

Her name is Betty Arnold,born 1923, and currently lives next door to me. I am going to show her these photos later on today.

How did you come to have them??



Comment 3

John Elphick from Marden, Kent posted this comment on Wednesday 26 November 2014 12:36:00.

In the 1940`s I spent many happy hours with Fred Arnold riding on the tractor at Chilmead Farm. I also helped Tom Bassett with the horses. It was Fred who taught me to drive and encouraged me into agriculture.

Comment 4

Paul Robert Terry from lower hutt Wellington N.Z. posted this comment on Tuesday 09 December 2014 20:39:00.

John Elphick and I used ride on the back of the tractor with Tom Arnold during the school holidays,even drove the tractor so Tom could have a snooze,drove also during the harvesting.Tom Basset used to have a seat on his old Fordson Major for daughter to sit in,Tom always had a pipe hanging from his mouth.

Comment 5

Dawn Stephens from Horley posted this comment on Saturday 21 May 2016 11:29:00.

My Father "Dick" Chalk worked on Chilmead Farm from 1946-1962 It was great fun spending time on the farm harvesting time an potato picking for 6d and a packet of Spangles!We lived next door to the Terry Family.

Comment 6

Rodney Parsons from Merstham posted this comment on Saturday 17 September 2016 15:46:00.

Remember John Elphic, Ted and Allan Bristow. Also frank Durman who chased me from apple trees and cornfields many times.

Comment 7

Paul Robert Terry from Lower Hutt posted this comment on Sunday 18 September 2016 09:08:00.

My father worked for Frank Durham at Battlebridge Farm with Ted Bristow,they hand milked cows for a number of years before milking machines were installed.We lived in the old cottages 190 Nutfield Road.

Comment 8

Anne Richardson from Farnborough posted this comment on Friday 23 September 2016 09:25:00.

I was born at Chilmead Farm in 1949 and Fred Arnold (above) was my grandfather. I remember being given pushed down the lane in my pram by Mable Bassett and I remember the milking she'd and the bull in the yard. I also spent many happy hours on the back of the tractor and riding the cows back from the field for milking. We used to visit the Stevens family who lived in the cottage on the bend of the lane. I have a photograph of the farmhouse and photograph of my grandfather that was in the national news when he found the body of gentleman who had committed suicide.

Comment 9

Chris Stevens from Reigate posted this comment on Wednesday 09 May 2018 20:05:38.

My Dad was Norman Stevens, he lived at Cormongers lane, along with his brothers George and Ray. Their Father ,Walter,worked as a gardener. Is this the Stevens family you refer to??

Comment 10

Rodney H Parsons from merstham posted this comment on Monday 14 May 2018 01:02:35.

Somebody must remember the stately house close to Chilmead Farm. Owned by the Reeves family. They most likely owned the farm at one time. The house was not on Cormongers Lane but on the road heading across the marsh.

This image was uploaded on Sunday 07 September 2008 17:48:18.

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