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Find this image on  Bell Street, Reigate - establishments  and publisher Harry Snook 

Image number 356
oldreigate.com image number 356
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Bell Street, Reigate. Unknown date. Harry Snook.
Northover & Sons.
Comment 1

A Strachan from London posted this comment on Tuesday 19 February 2013 16:14:00.

Hi, just wondered if there is historical information about this company. I am looking for their 1950's crematorium reoords and wondered if there are relatives connected to company that may still retain this.


Comment 2

Bobby Post from Round Rock, Texas posted this comment on Monday 06 January 2014 19:41:00.

Hi There,

I'm pretty sure that all cremations in the 50s were performed by Surrey and Sussex Crematorium; they are on the Balcome Road just south of Horley. Hope this helps.

Comment 3

jan hutsebaut from aalst belgium posted this comment on Sunday 10 March 2019 16:07:31.

one of the furniture i have in my home (purchased from an antique shop specializing in english antiques) carries a label from northover and sons reigate on the back! nice to see a photo of their shop !

Comment 4

John Northover from Dorking posted this comment on Sunday 08 March 2020 17:55:07.

My grandfather bought the business of Hammonds in the 1890s. With regard to the funeral side of the business all cremation records would be held by the crematoria. South London was used prior to Surrey and Sussex opening. As I joined the business in 1958 on the furnishing side I know very little about the undertaking part. Jan Hutsebaut's purchase in Belgium is interesting in that it was probably a piece prior to WW2 as I cannot recollect labels on the furniture sold in my time. By the mid 60s the stock was entirely modern design much of it Scandinavian and Italian plus some very good British furnishings. I hope that helps.

Comment 5

nigel Hayward - smith from Crawley posted this comment on Friday 24 July 2020 15:38:35.

Hi we have just bought a couple pieces of furniture which have the company sticker on the back. As I am always interested in the history of these old items, I was wondering when they ceased trading and whether they made their own furniture or sold new or second hand. Might be useful for me to date and confirm or not the origin of the pieces. . Thank you

This image was uploaded on Saturday 03 December 2011 12:00:06.

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