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Stubbs Lane, Lower Kingswood

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Kingswood Manor. 1907.

Comment 1
    Lynda Sullivan from Norwich posted this comment on 10/05/2014 at 23:48
    Does anyone remember at Lower Kingswood near the church, opposite the Fox, there was a wooden building used as a cafe of some kind and with connections to the Canadian Mounties. Possibly the interior had painting or some Canadian theme. I would love to hear someone elses memory of this. I used to live on the Brighton Road until 1963

Comment 2
    Michael Minnion from Hallbankgate Brampton Cumbria posted this comment on 02/04/2017 at 23:17
    Hallo Lynda.
    I believe that the wooden structure you are talking about wasc a cafe called "The Beeches." It was near Rood's shop and I think next to Elliot Right Way Books. PS When you lived on Brighton Road did you live in a house called "Up Yonder"? If so I delivered your papers. Did your father/stepfather work at Turner's? My youngest son went to UEA at Norwich. Small World.......

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